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Nwelinoo, you posted ineertsting subjects. If we have to look at prediction, prophecy, astrology and so on' in terms of Buddhism it is important to look at them as separate. Buddhism in a nutshell is to rid oneself of greed, hatred and ignorance. Baedin is something like looking one's future through a window but one has to be mindful there are many unkown factors involved. In today's term, it's like constructing a computer model'. But if one has to recount on Pattana (the teaching of anatta) there is karma pyiccayaw' and vibaga pyiccayaw' which has to be taken into account. The Buddha said, What you are is what you have been; what you will be is what you do now. Karma does not decay like external things, or even become inoperative. It cannot be destroyed by time, fire or water'. Its power will never disappear, until it is ripened. Was this answer helpful?

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12/09/2014 - Região tem um poder de compra estimado em quase 450 bilhões de reais

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Filiais e parceiros perto dos principais polos de produção e grandes varejistas.



Nordeste cresce mais que o Brasil e ganha poder econômico

Região tem um poder de compra estimado em quase 450 bilhões de reais



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